Craft, eat, sleep, repeat!

I love to knit and crochet. Doing something by hand is so very relaxing. I also like to try out something new like embroidery or sewing or learn a new knitting or crochet pattern and stitch.

Check out my finished objects here or on Ravelry. I made them for myself or you can buy them in my Etsy shop. You can also buy my newest pattern on Etsy.

  • Crochet Collar
  • Soldotna sweater
  • Arte Nuova sweater
  • As-If Tee
  • Twists & Turns: Westknits MKAL 2022
  • Brick Rodeo Tee
  • Allysum Flower Sweater
  • Furly blanket and pillow
  • Lotus Yarn Bowl for sale
  • sophies pillow
  • embroidery purse
  • embroidery project bag
  • Go Hat
  • dog sweater
My crochet collar pattern available on Etsy.

Translation Service

Next to my every day knitting or crocheting I translate patterns from English into German or from German into English. Please contact me for more information about this work.